The Southern Oregon Food Alliance (SOFA) is working to expand the capacity of our local farms while creating the infrastructure and marketing channels that are needed to provide fresh, local foods to buyers throughout the region.

Over 100 farmers, buyers, and food system leaders from southwest Oregon participated in the food hub feasibility study launched in March of this year, see the full report attached. From that assessment, several recommendations were made and we are now in the process of forming working groups around the categories of recommendations.

If you would like to contribute your expertise or interest in any of the categories, please sign up using the link below. We are hoping to meet at the end of January to go over the recommendations and goals for each group. We recognize there will be quite a bit of overlap between working groups, so feel free to attend multiple meetings to see where your interests or expertise lie. This will be a 1-2 hour commitment each month for the next 6 months. 


Click HERE to register for a work group.

Category 1: Strengthening farmers and ranchers, and increasing overall production capacity

Market and Production Planning – Jan 18th, 12-1:30 pm

Category 2:  Building on existing hubs and innovations

Existing Online Market Systems – Jan 19th, 2-4 pm

Category 3:  Building, reaching new markets through coordinated production

Building New Markets – Jan 20th, 2:30-3:30 pm

Category 4:  Expanding infrastructure, logistics and delivery capacity

Infrastructure, Logistics and Delivery – Jan 22th, 10-2 pm

Category 5:  Increasing access to healthy foods for lower income families and individuals

Food Access
*will convene at a later date and apply a food access lens to other categories

Category 6:  Increasing markets and opportunities for fishermen and local seafood companies

  Link coastal markets with inland markets and producers 
*combining with Category 4