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Harvest of the Month: Celery!

Veggie Facts! Did you know that you can grow a whole new celery plant from one that you already have? That's right! Next time you find yourself throwing away the bottom of your celery stalks, don't! Place it in a shallow dish of water and leave it, and in just a few days it'll start […]

Harvest of the Month: Oranges!

Veggie Facts! Did you know there are over 400 different kinds of oranges? Thats right! The most common variety you may see in your grocery store is the navel orange, but there is so much more to explore in the world of orange! The picture to the right shows eight types of oranges you may […]

Harvest of the Month: Cauliflower!

Veggie Facts! When you think of cauliflower, you think of the white, fluffy looking vegetable you find mixed in with broccoli at the grocery store, but did you know that cauliflower comes in many different colors? Thats right! Just like the picture shown to the right, cauliflower comes in orange, green and purple! Next time […]