About Umpqua Valley Farm to School

Umpqua Valley Farm to School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that began as Thriving Waters in 2010 as a community-building and revitalization effort in Glide, Oregon. In 2020 we restructured  to provide school garden education, farm to school, and community agricultural support throughout Douglas County

UVF2S works with several schools throughout Douglas County to provide hands-on garden and agricultural education to students in low-income communities. We support any and every school garden throughout the county with educational resources and are the Farm to School and School Garden Education and Procurement Coordinator for our region. UVF2S provides assistance to nutrition service directors at each school district to purchase locally grown products for the National School Meal Program, school breakfasts, and snacks in school.

Our Mission

We believe food security begins with a strong community connection to the land and its food. By supporting local food systems and providing education to Douglas County youth, UVF2S cultivates skills and passion to build food-community connections. UVF2S aims to achieve an equitable and sustainable food system that nurtures and strengthens Douglas County’s people and economy.

Our Vision

School gardens have become a focal point of many Oregon school districts as well as around the country. Oregon has the largest Farm to School program in the county, with our state legislators allocating more funding than ever before to the program. Umpqua Valley Farm to School saw this as an opportunity to expand throughout the county, providing support to existing school gardens and assisting in expansion of new school gardens, as well as connecting with local farmers to promote the importance of sustainable agriculture and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in youth and families throughout the Umpqua Valley.

Our Commitment

The mission of Umpqua Valley Farm to School would not be complete without addressing that as an organization, we are committed to offering inclusive and equitable services to the whole of our community. We recognize that not everyone has equal access to natural recreation areas, gardens, and healthy produce, and that this disparity is too often due to discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, gender, and/or social status. It is our goal to bring opportunities for healthy futures to those who are without them. Umpqua Valley Farm to School is dedicated to building a community that is inclusive, equitable, diverse, and healthy!